Synchronicity and Symbols

May 17, 2014  •  1 Comment

I have been pondering on about signs, symbols and synchronicity and how I often see things in my environment reflecting something I am thinking about, questioning or moving towards. One experience was so strong that I have never doubted that it truly pointed towards a greater truth.

The story is about a guy that I met and ended up dating who had some pretty dark energy in his past. The first night I met him, he insisted on going out with me and wouldn't take no for an answer. He gave me lady bug earrings. Overwhelmed but curious, as I had an affinity towards ladybugs, I accepted them and placed them under my pillow before I went to sleep. I woke up a few hours later, jolting upright in my bed, feeling an intense dark energy in connection to him that felt like looking into a very deep and dark, multi-generational well. I immediately prayed for protection and felt the room lighten up and the energy disperse.

I asked a healer about this and she suggested I put the earrings in salt to cleanse the energy. I wasn't able to say no to him at the time and went out with him anyway. In a way I started to enjoy his company and his attention but also saw negative and questionable behaviors that I didn't know how to stop or walk away from. I started to see the same darkness emerge in him and began to have nightmares of what would happen if I stayed with him. I finally spoke with a woman more experienced than I and she helped me to see that the negative things I was experiencing were signs of an abusive relationship, as one by one, I said 'yes' to all the identifying questions she asked me. Then she asked what I was going to do and I then realized that if I continued on this path with him, I would be the one responsible for allowing myself to be hurt and so I left the relationship.

I felt very raw and confused after walking away, but decided to move back to my home state, where the doors opened up to receive a new job and a place to live for the summer, house-sitting.

After getting some distance from the relationship and working through my own issues regarding choosing that type of partner, I finally reached a place of compassion for him, seeing in his struggle to control and hurt others, that he was actually suffering on a very deep level. It saddened me tremendously.

At that moment, I was sitting on the floor, holding a square photogram (see below) of different objects including a butterfly pin. I interpret this image as a box of darkness, in which the butterfly becomes lost, but there is a stream of light coming through an opening at the top. The butterfly is not perceiving the opening to escape, but the light is still there. I said out loud, from the depth of my heart, please give me a sign that he is going to be okay. Then I looked up and saw a small butterfly pass outside of the lawn through the glass door I was sitting by.


That evening after dark, I heard a loud clatter by the back patio door and went to see what the fuss was. The porch light was on as I opened the sliding door and on the ground at my feet, was a bird cage lying on its side. The door was open at the top and inside of the cage was a large yellow butterfly (now I know this to be a swallowtail). When I set my eyes on it, it flew up through the open door of the cage and landed on my shoulder. It stayed with me for 40 minutes, several minutes on my shoulder and then on various objects around the home, before it departed and flew away. It stayed with me long enough for me to find my camera and take a photo of it. (Below)

When I saw this, I had no question in my mind that this prayer had been answered, that he would be okay and find his way into the light. I didn't doubt this since. 



1.Rob MacGregor(non-registered)
Fascinating story. Did you ever find out where the cage came from? You might enjoy my synchronicity blog, now in its 5th year.
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