The Continuation of Life

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My dad was the first person to teach me how to photograph and had the infinite patience to show me how to correctly use a camera. He personally loved photographing flowers and nature, which was fitting, given his love for growing plants as well. 

When Dad and I were out on our own with cameras in tow, we enjoyed hiking, exploring nature, abandoned shacks and ghost towns in the mountains. Those gentle, quiet moments, with each of us looking through the lenses of our cameras, are now very precious memories. 

Lawrence Hall

Death is a hard thing to face. He didn't go away after he died, completely. Up until that moment, I had some hope, but no real solid experience regarding the continuation of life after death. I had lost many people dear to me and had an intuition of their energy and presence, but none like this.

My Buddhist family wanted to celebrate my dad's life with me and we planned a memorial for him soon after he passed away on August 12, 2009. The morning of the memorial, I had a dream in between sleeping and awake - where you feel like you are awake but still dreaming.

Photo by Larry Hall

The visuals were intense. As I entered the scene, my view panned over the fields of white flowers, stopping at a dirt path that ended in a small patch of trees in the distance. The place had a Truman Show feel and the flowers emitted a beautiful, glowing white light. Then, above and to the left of me, I heard my Dad's voice exclaim, "Laura, it's energy! It's all energy!"

I looked at the flowers and watched them lose their outer form, becoming even brighter and turning into patterns of white, bursting light, like photons. It was the most incredible experience of light and energy I have ever felt and was certainly not something I ever encountered in my every day, waking human life.

After a few moments of this experience, I awoke from the dream. The feeling of the light and energy stayed with me for several weeks afterward. 

Soon afterward, I noticed interesting and foreign things appearing in my photographs. The first was in a 4x5 film image of my friend Becky (right) playing her favorite instrument. When I developed the film, I noticed the same light pattern on the floor at her feet, that I had perceived in my dream.

About one month later, a similar pattern appeared at the top of a 4x5 Polaroid portrait of a painter named Nico (left). It looks like a part of the easel but actually is its own unique object.

I am enough of a skeptic to know that I cannot provide proof that this had anything to do with my dad, but I will say the 'coincidence' is strong and I am open to believing that there is more happening around us than that which we normally perceive. 

Interesting objects appearing in images did not stop here. I inherited my dad's digital camera shortly thereafter and started seeing an orange orb on a regular basis, nearly the same size, but in different locations, evolving in shape over time. (See Across Space gallery for more images.)

However, the first startling image happened on New Year's Day, 2012 in New Mexico. Driving home, my friend and I stopped periodically to get out of the car and play with our cameras. When I got home, I found a pink shape that looked like the shape of a person in several of the images. When you zoom in (it's difficult to reproduce on the internet) you can see a very intricate, geometric pattern of purples and pinks. (See image on right.)

Within a few months, I met a new friend who consciously explored Orb Photography and she invited me to sit in on a conversation with a medium who helped her interpret what she captured in her own photographs. I showed the medium this image she and told me that the pink figure is my recent father. Truthfully, I believe what she is saying.

I have had many other experiences of connection with my father through dreams, intuition and the appearance of gifts associated with him, since then, and I believe the healing has not stopped in our relationship since he passed. Our relationship required a lot of healing.

The essence of who he was is very much alive but in a different form of energy. So it makes sense that if we are open the door, we can certainly experience and communicate with our family or loved ones from the other side.


In my research of afterlife communication, the consistent message is that they want us to know that they are okay, they are in a good place and continuing to grow. 

These images really validate this truth for me and in a way, if he hadn't passed on, I would not have been able to understand this. So, I appreciate his efforts to show up and do believe that I have encountered more than I could have imagined since then.











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